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I have unlimited texting and I only text 3 people ever I think my phone company looks at my bill and just laughs

god damn. this is some really heavy shit i’m reading. it’s a great book, i really am enjoying it, but holy shit it’s getting to be even a little toomuch for me and i generally have an iron clad stomach.

if anyone’s interested in a good book about WWII from the German perspective, check out Masters of Death. it is NOT for the faint hearted or the weak stomached. it’s basically about how the Holocaust worked, how mass murdering was systemized, and about the SS Einsatzgruppen. basically, while the rest of the army was in charge of stabilizing a firm grip on the countryside, the Einsatzgruppen’s job was to extinguish the Jews, making towns Judenfrei. this is…some really heavy shit… but, once i finish this paper, if anyone wants me to talk about what’s going on in the book i’ll talk about some key points for anyone interested.


Plz, everybody shoooooooo….


Plz, everybody shoooooooo….

The Midnight Crew
Eddie Morton


The Midnight Crew - Eddie Morton


Person: “I’m just gonna play devil’s advocate here and—”

Satan: “Whoa whoa hey I didn’t agree to this I don’t even know you.”

just. needed a lil break from reading about the nazi agenda…

phew this shit is heavy… it’s a really good book though, i’m finding it rly hard to just skim. gotta though so i can finish this essay….


the a in lgbtqa should stand for allies, they deserve the recognition for defeating the axis powers and winning world war 2

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Oh my goodness, I’m glad everyone is okay! That certainly was quite the way to start a day though, huh?

oh, haha, that was towards the end of my day. that was at like, 5pm. i’ve just been having a really weird week.




bless my soul

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thats a croissant 

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